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A differentiated care for your hands and feet!

Dela's Nails came up with the idea of having a nail care and beautification place.

This thought led the creator FABI LOPES to search for novelties and new possibilities for beautification in the world of Nail Art.

Manicure 8 years ago, started in the profession after feeling the need, as a client, to offer differentiated services for nails, hands and feet.

He took his first course in 2013 and since then he has been specializing and growing in the profession.

At Dela's Nails you will find updated traditional techniques, nail recovery and customization. More than serving, our goal is to care for and transform the unique beauty that exists in the hands of each woman.

Dela's Nails' Mission is to bring affordable beauty to everyone!

These differentials show that, in this case, beauty is not
it costs dear.

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