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Pliers Club

Hygiene, safety and health are key words when it comes to beauty.


Because of this, people, especially women, who attend beauty salons are aware of the care they must take to avoid contamination by diseases normally transmitted through the use of pliers.


If used improperly, they can cause serious problems, ranging from ringworm to more serious diseases.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for hygiene care has increased.


And warning and prevention are very important. To reduce the risk of disease transmission,

Dela's Nails created the CLUBE DO ALICATE.

It works as follows:

Each customer buys a kit with pliers, toothpick and spatula that is left in our space,

and will only be used by the customer who purchased the kit.

The client who is not part of the club will have her own pliers from the salon and properly sterilized.

At Dela's Nails, the professional always removes the pliers in front of the client to show that she is sterilized.

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